Practice Areas

Our three core practice areas are Advocacy, General Counsel and Financial Counsel.  These services are essential to every Business and Organization.


The goal of our Advocacy practice is to Protect Your Interests.  We are here to help you when your business challenged by others, whether they be competitors, disgruntled employees, or regulatory authorities.  It is our job to protect your interests and find a positive outcome when these unfortunate circumstances occur.  Learn more about our Advocacy Practice HERE.

General Counsel

The goal of our General Counsel practice is to provide the right Proactive Legal Advice so problems don't arise down the road.  Unlike outside counsel that you may bring in when a problem arises, we know your business and do everything in our power to anticipate potential issues before they happen.  Learn more about our General Counsel Practice HERE.

Financial Counsel

The goal of our Financial Counsel practice is to simply Maximize the Profitability of your Business.  Whether you need Capital, Financial Advice, or Bookkeeping Services, we can help.  Learn more about our Financial Counsel Practice HERE.