Lawyers for Businesses and Organizations

Our goal is simple: Provide Businesses and Organizations with the benefits of a General Counsel (In-House Attorney) at a fraction of the cost of hiring a General Counsel on a full-time basis. 

A General Counsel is a lawyer for your business.  Unlike outside counsel, your General Counsel knows your business and understands what you need from your lawyer to be successful.  Your General Counsel understands the law, but must also understand your business.  

Many legal issues borne by businesses could have been avoided in the first place.  All too often businesses wait for a problem to materialize before getting a lawyer involved.  The job of the General Counsel is to foresee potential issues and take care of them before a problem comes about.

Advocacy - General Counsel - Financial Counsel

We provide three essential services your business needs from its lawyer: Advocacy, General Counsel and Financial Counsel.

Your Business needs a lawyer that will Advocate for your interests, provide proactive legal Counsel, and manage your Financial Interests.

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